5 Best Right Angle Drill Reviews: Small And Compact


If you regularly find yourself in tight spaces where your regular pistol grip drill just won’t fit then a right angle drill is your only solution. Yes, there are some right angle adapters, but they are only useful for very small jobs. If you need to do any more significant drilling, then they will never be powerful enough.

The advantages of a right angle device are that you can really squeeze into very tight spaces. Whether that is in or behind HVAC units, or between wooden joists. When space is tight, you simply cannot afford to sacrifice precision to get results.

On this page, you will find a list of the best right angle drill options currently available. We cover everything from small and compact to full-size commercial use. It can even be possible that you need more than one type to have you totally covered.

That can include one small machine for very small spaces. And one powerful option where the angles are just a bit awkward, but you still need to get through several inches of wood.

All of the below products will work exceptionally well for you. It’s mainly a case of deciding on the job it will be used for and your budget.

Top 5 Best Right Angle Drill Recommendations

1 – Milwaukee 2807-20 M18: For Maximum Power

One of the most powerful cordless right angle drill options currently available is this Milwaukee one. Made by one of the leading brands in the world of power tools you will get one that will stand up to the challenges and abuses common on busy job sites.

The brushless right angle drill comes with a high end 18 V motor that will have you drill through the toughest materials in seconds. Even large jobs on huge construction sites will be completed in record time. And the faster you get work done, the better it is for your bottom line.

The gearbox is designed with materials that will ensure it can stand up to every day and all-day use. And the two-speed settings will give you a lot more precision in your work. While the 1500 RPM might seem a bit low, you have to look at that in combination with the torque. You simply will not find anything more powerful that is battery-operated and handheld.

Because each job is different and you’ll end up in many different times drilling in tight spaces, you’ll be delighted to know that the entire head can swivel. It rotates 360 degrees and can be fixed in position for more stability.

The main downside is that the power output will drain the battery quickly. So make sure you have one or two backups charging at all times.

Milwaukee-2807-20 M18-Right Angle-Drill




  • Powerful 18V design to give you high-end power for commercial use
  • Very durable gearbox with two-speed settings for more precision
  • Maximum 1500 RPM
  • The entire head section can swivel 360 degrees to adapt to your jobs
  • Hard carry case included


  • Carry case doesn’t have room for a second battery
  • It will drain the battery quickly so make sure az


2 – DEWALT DCD740C1: Excellent Battery Life

When you need to combine power and compact design you often end up with something that is one or the other. Very few companies have been able to get this right. But as a leader in power tool innovation DeWalt has solved for this exceptionally well.

This Dewalt right angle drill comes with a 20V motor, you will get plenty of power to deal with tough jobs and long days. The two-speed gearbox will deliver a maximum speed of 600 RPM in low gear and 200 RPM in high gear. That gives you great flexibility to adapt to jobs where precision is going to be a must.

What’s a real stand-out feature is that the head is only 4 inches, which is one of the smallest available. You certainly won’t find anything smaller with this much power. For very awkward and tight spaces that is going to work extremely well.

You’ll also love the flexibility you get from the very long trigger panel. It’s about 1/3 the length of the tool, and that means you can reach further while still staying in control of the power output.

At 3.9 pounds it’s very light and easy to handle. That makes long days and lots of overhead work a lot easier to handle. The only real negative is that it’s very difficult to apply just a small amount of power, as the trigger favors higher speed control.





  • Very durable 20V motor delivers great power
  • Two-speed gear box with maximum 600 and 2000 RPM
  • Very compact design at 4 inches for those tight spaces
  • Very long trigger helps you to get into even the tightest spaces with control
  • Very light and easy to handle at just 3.9 pounds


  • Difficult to apply a small amount of power
  • A battery charge indicator would be helpful


3 – Makita AD03R1: Very Small And Compact Design

If you need a small right angle drill, then it doesn’t get smaller than this Makita option. It’s one of those products that will just surprise you from the moment you start using it. It’s certainly one of the most powerful tool, and that would not be so hard to achieve given its tiny size.

The Makita 12v right angle drill has a compact 12V motor will still provide up to 1100 RPM and provide 245 pounds of torque. For all small and most medium size jobs that are going to work just fine. Having the ability to get into really tight spaces is just going to save you a ton of time.

At just 2.6 pounds this is ideal if you have a lot of overhead work to do. Because it’s so light, your arms won’t get tired as quickly. And that will speed up the job.

It comes fully equipped with a battery, charger and hard carrying case. This is ideal for transportation when most damage usually occurs. The designated case will keep everything tightly in place.

The Makita AD03R1 has an LED light battery level while the tool is charging which makes it easier to know when you need to charge it. This Right Angle Drill definitely deserves a spot on the list.






  • 12V compact motor is ideal for small jobs and really tight spaces
  • Maximum 1100 RPM and 245-pound torque is great for such a small device
  • Very compact and lightweight (2.6 lbs) making it easy to handle
  • Battery, charger and hard carry case included
  • A comfortable rubber grip helps to reduce hand fatigue


  • Gearbox is a bit on the noisy side


4 – BOSCH PS11-102: Great Value For Money

Another great right angle drill with a very compact size, but with a larger battery capacity is this Bosch model As you can see from the pictures it is very compact like the Makita, but the motor is powerful even at 12V. This gives you significantly more torques at 115 pounds.

The head is very tightly designed to help you get into tiny spaces. But the power output will still be enough to drill into thicker timber joists.

There is also an integrated LED light which is a must-have feature. It happens too often that you end up in a tight space with little or no light. And having one hand occupied with a torch is just not ideal.

The package includes a battery, charger and carrying case to keep it safe in transport and store it away neatly. The great thing is that if you have other 12V Bosch power tools, then the batteries for those will fit here as well.

As a result, you can save on buying an entirely new set of backup batteries, which can add considerably to your bill. The main downside is that it’s not ideal for smaller hands where you might lose a little bit of grip.





  • 12V motor provides up to 115 pounds of torque
  • Very tight head design helps you get into tighter spaces
  • Integrated LED bulbs help to light up your work area
  • Battery, Charger and case included for safe keeping
  • Compatible with standard Bosch 12V batteries


  • Not ideal for small hands due to larger grip
  • Some extra drill bits could have been included


5 – Ryobi P241: Cheap Tool Only Option

Another low-profile right angle drill is this Ryobi which is also the cheapest option. Now it has to be mentioned that this only includes the tool and no extras. There is no battery or charger included. It’s essentially the best option if you have Ryobi batteries for other tools that you can use. Or maybe you need to replace a faulty one.

The 18V motor will provide you with up to 1100 RPM and 130 pounds of torque. This is enough for the majority of jobs but might struggle with very thick timber joists. If you regularly do that kind of work, then you probably need to go for a more substantial and powerful option.

What you’ll also notice is that it has a very long neck. This is great for getting into a lot more spaces. And it also helps you get more leverage on tougher jobs. What’s also really nice, is that there is a magnetic tray built into the base. You can easily keep a few drill bits handy without having to go search for them in your pockets.

One downside to mention is that the trigger could be a bit larger. You can sometimes find it difficult to keep even pressure on it when you’re in an awkward position.




  • 18V motor delivers up to 1100 RMP and 130 pounds of torque
  • Cheap option as a replacement or if you already have Ryobi batteries
  • Very long neck help you to apply more leverage on tougher jobs
  • Built-in magnet tray is ideal for storing bits
  • LED lights built in for better visibility


  • Not powerful enough to drill joists
  • Trigger could be larger for more flexibility


What are right angle drills good for?

Comparing products from different companies is always a tough thing to do. You’ll usually see completely different terms being used to describe the exact same thing. But that’s marketing or you. In this section, we’ll tell you exactly what to focus on to help you make the right choice.


This is going to determine the toughness of the materials you can drill through. If you regularly work on thick joists, then you’ll need a powerful motor. But if you just need to drill small holes in large quantities, then a less powerful and lighter model will be better.

When it comes to power, the higher the voltage the more powerful the motor will be. But it’s best to focus on the RPM and torque as measures of how powerful it is.

Gear Box

Most cordless right angle drill choices will have a 2-speed gearbox. This helps you make a lot more precise work, especially at a lower speed. A single speed will work out a lot cheaper, so if you don’t need precision, then that will be a great way to save some money.

Head Length

The top of the drill will look very much like a right angle drill attachment, but work so much better. It can also be a lot more compact, and for many jobs, that’s a very important factor. The more compact the head is, the tighter space it will fit into. Just keep in mind that the smaller it gets, the less power can be achieved.


At this stage, you’ll have all the info you need to get a great new power tool. You can use the above price check buttons to find out what the latest deals are on Amazon. And within 24 hours you could have your brand new right angle drill ready to dive into some big jobs.


5 Best Right Angle Drill Reviews: Small And Compact