Bosch CLPK233WC-02 18-Volt Drill Set: The Ultimate In German Technology And Innovation

If you need a drill and impact driver on a regular basis in a busy workshop or jobsite, then you probably understand the benefit of quality branded products. And if you do a lot of hobby or DIY jobs around the house, then you can equally benefit from a set of tools that will last you for many years.

Bosch is one of the leading companies in the power tool market. It’s a huge company that produces small to industrial size tools. And when you buy a Bosch product you are getting German engineering and manufacturing at its best.

The company is constantly leading the way with exceptionally innovative ideas. Now, this set of drill and impact driver might not seem that exceptional when you look at the pictures. But believe is when we say you’ll get an amazing addition to your tools kit.

The Bosch drill set is made up of an impact driver and drill as two separate units. These are very powerful small tools that will stand up to the abuses of a jobsite. What makes them stand out the most though is the battery design and charging unit.

In this article, you’ll learn exactly why it is such a great product. And despite the higher price tag you won’t regret making the investment.

Quick Overview

This driver and drill set by Bosch is a great investment for both home and DIY use as well as commercial and construction use. The Bosch cordless drill included is powerful enough for the majority of uses. You might struggle with regular heavy concrete and steel. But overall it will stand up to the majority of tasks.

The Bosch impact driver on the other hand is a beauty. It has a powerful brushless motor that will make any job run twice as fast. Whether you’re working on a huge project with hundreds of screws and hardwood materials. Or you’re trying to remove old and rusted screws. The force and consistency of this impact driver is just amazing.

But what makes this product stand out the most is the batteries and the charging technology. The batteries can be charged wirelessly while still attached to the tools. We’ll take a closer look at the technology a bit further down, but it truly is amazing what inductive charging can achieve.

Basically, it allows you to put the tool on the charger when you don’t need it for a few minutes. And that will start charging it again. A few minutes here and there add up to much longer usage and shorter downtimes.

The main downside is that for a tool set of this price there are no accessories like bits and drivers included. Chances are though that you will have a set of these already.


  • Set of two drills and impact drivers.
  • Batteries included, but for intense use you might want back ups.
  • ​Batteries can charge wirelessly so you don’t have to take them off the drill.
  • ​Convenient carry bag included.
  • Easily switch between ¼ inch screwdriver bits and ½ inch sockets.


  • The impact driver is better quality than the drill.
  • No accessory kit included.

Product Specifications

As already mentioned, when you order this product you get two tools with very unique features. They complement each other and will make your life a lot easier. Whether that is on a busy jobsite or just around your house for some DIY projects. So, let’s take a look them individually.

Bosch 18v Drill (DDS182)

This is one of the latest and greatest additions to the Bosch tool family. With a completely redesigned motor you can now expect to get twice the life out of it compared to the previous version. And it wasn’t bad to start with.

But that is what you get from a leading German manufacturer.

Now, if you’re planning to do a lot of heavy drilling in concrete or steel. Or you’re working a lot of hardwood materials, then this will probably not be the best tool you can buy. But for regular jobsite usage it will work perfectly well, even when in use all day long.

To further avoid the motor burning out the it has an automatic overload cut out system. This monitors the pressure it’s under and the heat that is produced and as a result you end up with less breakdowns.

For added convenience there are 4 tip magnetic bit holder. Just place the bit in and tighten it without the risk of it falling out and getting lost.

Bosch Impact Driver

This is one of those tools where once you use it the first time you’ll wonder how your ever worked without it. You’ll be looking for stuff to use it on and see how far you can push the power of this beauty.

The socket is an all in one holder that can be used for 1/4 inch hex or 1/2 inch drive. That gives you a great level of flexibility. No more switching tools just because you need a different socket. Or relying on flimsy socket adapters that slip and break.

When you need to adjust the power and torque, you can do that very easily with one hand. You simply push the designated button and the performance will match the job at hand.

The hammer and anvil system gives you increased performance in both wood and metal. No matter how tough the material, you can rely on this product. When you usually dread those rusted screws in meta casings you can just attack it with confidence.

Both of the tools come with the innovative new battery technology mentioned above. In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at how this technology works and why it’s such a great solution and worth every penny.

Main Benefits And Advantages

There are several benefits to highlight. And once you start using these tools you will probably find many more. In this section, we will look at the main ones that should convince anyone to make this great investment.

Wireless Battery Charging

The technology used for the batteries is not that new. It is new to power tools though. And has never really been used for larger and powerful batteries. What we are talking about is inductive charging. This is where an alternating magnetic field is transmitted, causing the battery to charge.

Now, if this still involved placing the battery on the charger on its own, then that wouldn’t really be such a great solution. But with these tools you can place the entire tool with battery on the charger and it will immediately start.

That means that whenever you don’t need the tool you can just place it on the charger. No need to take off the battery and clip it on. All those 5 minutes here and 15-minute coffee breaks there will add up to more charging. And that means you are less likely to need a backup battery pack.

Innovative Motor Design

If you’ve been around power tools and impact drivers for a long time then you know what is the most common thing to fail. You probably have had that dreaded situation where you’re half way through a job and the motor burns out ending up being useless bits of metal.

With the latest motor technology from Bosch you will get an automatic cut out system that monitors the stresses the unit is under. That includes both temperature and counter pressure to the torque being applied. When this exceeds certain thresholds, it would usually lead to gradual failures.

Such failures are not just annoying they can result in several hours of downtime if you don’t have a backup tool handy.

Suitable Uses

For a lot of basic DIY use this tool set is probably going to be unnecessary. If you only pull out a drill or driver once a year to fix something quickly, then you’re probably better off buying just one of the tool individually. But if you plan to professionally use them on a daily basis, then they will be ideal for the following users.


Plumbers might not need these tools on a constant basis. But when they do it needs to be powerful and reliable Especially when it comes to removing old bathroom fittings it can quickly happen that screws are severely rusted. The older a house the more likely this is to be the case.

Using the Bosch impact driver will make such situations a lot easier. You’ll be able to attack them with confidence. And you won’t waste time on the dismantling part of a job that could put you behind schedule.


If you’re an electrician then you can probably not count how many screws you work on any given day. Practically everything is screwed in place and this requires a tool that is reliable. Because you’ll often be putting down an impact driver it will be very handy to have this wireless charging model. If you don’t need it for a few minutes then why not have it charging. That reduces the downtime and you don’t have to have as many back up batteries.


For carpenters this Bosch impact drill set will be one of the best investments ever. The drill is powerful enough to deal with most construction materials. And it is precise enough for cabinet making as well. If you have a lot of very thick and hard wood then it will likely not be the best drill. But for smaller stuff it’s great.

The impact driver is what you really want though. Imagine working on a roof rafter set up with hundreds of bolts to be secured. This impact driver will deal with the work in no time.

HVAC Maintenance

This Bosch impact driver will also be right at home in the toolbox for anyone doing HVAC repairs. Similar to plumbers some older units can be in place for decades with screws rusted and tough to remove.

You will also be working on tough materials where you have to be confident that everything that is screwed in place is actually as tight as possible.

Some Handy Add Ons

There are a couple of add ons and accessories that you should consider. When you place your order just add them to the cart as they will make your life a lot easier.

First of all, this cordless drill driver combo doesn’t come with drill or screw bits. Having a high-quality assortment of these is going to be important. And don’t go for the cheap ones. They will break and rust within a few months. And the last thing you want is for that to happen when you’re on a tight schedule.

Next up is a set of backup batteries. The wireless charging is great and will keep the tools running a lot longer. But if you’re going to be on a jobsite for 10 hours, then you’ll still need some extra ones. They aren’t cheap and you should definitely get the branded ones. They will last a lot longer and provide more consistent power.

Finally, if you have a few people working with you then you’re going to have multiple batteries to charge at any given time. Having batteries wait idle because the charger is occupied just doesn’t make sense. Get a second or third charging station to speed things up and avoid annoying downtime.


Of all the cordless drill deals available at the moment, this Bosch one is probably the best. You get two excellent tools that complement each other. And with the innovative German engineering you’ll get something that is made to last.

From plumber to carpenter the tool will likely not see much idle time. And once you get started you’ll be looking for other work to do. If you do a lot of DIY jobs or make cabinets as a hobby then this will be an excellent choice as well. It’ll speed up a lot of projects and give you that added precision and touch.