Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill Review


Impact drills are gaining traction as amazing tools for a broad range of work. These products add repeated blows to the rotation for more secure and powerful performance. More and more home improvement experts are turning to this type and driver as their primary tools, and more impact drills are being produced and introduced in the market. One of the more exceptional options for the everyday handyman is the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill.

The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill is one of the strongest and most versatile tools a handyman can have in his arsenal. This compact, maneuverable model provides power and convenience with a 4.6 lb weight (with the battery) and a length of 5 ¾ inches combined with 18 volts of power and 1330 inch-pounds of torque. The product is durable and sturdy and is held in high regard for its overall strength. This Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill review goes over both the good and the bad of this versatile tool.

DEWALT 18V impact driver features

  • Bare Bones: The Dewalt DC825B is often available without the battery or other extra parts, making it more affordable to purchase the model if you already have other tools and batteries in this Dewalt line.
  • Anti-Slip Grip: Even at the end of a long workday, the anti-slip grip keeps the product from falling, and helps you keep it held in place despite fatigue. This grip comes in handy for sustained work in awkward positions where muscles can take a beating, or for any jobs that last a long while and can lead to aching arms.
  • Less Kickback: The replaceable brushes and the impact mechanism on this model prevent kickback, even during tough projects at the most awkward angles. This reduces wear on your body, making projects quick and easy to complete.
  • Replaceable Brushes: This unique feature helps to make the machine more serviceable, leading to long-lasting durability. The replaceable brushes keep this model running for years so you can avoid the costs and hassle of replacement.
  • Variable Speeds: If you try to tackle a lighter project with an intense, high-speed machine, you can run the risk of damaging the project by using too much force and overwhelming the screws. The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill offers a range of speeds to adjust between light and heavy projects, delivering the perfect amount of power needed to ensure that every job runs smoothly.
  • LED Light: This Dewalt model includes an attached LED light under the chuck connector for increased project visibility. This is a relatively new feature across the board for drills and drivers and makes projects safer, faster, and more efficient.



DEWALT DC825 Specifications


  • 2.2 lbs.: The model itself, without any battery or attached components, comes in at a minuscule 2.2 pounds. With the battery, it still only weighs 4.6 lbs. This accessible weight makes this product ideal for overhead projects or times when the drill needs to be held still at awkward angles for proper use. It also makes this model easy to transport for on-the-go work.
  • Five ¾ inches in length: The compact design helps the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill have increased portability and maneuverability. This model can be moved into tight spaces and, in conjunction with the comfortable 2.2 lb weight reduces wear on the user.
  • 1330 inch-pounds of torque: The 1330 inch-pounds of torque provide a powerful, fast performance. The product can place an incredible force for turning an object, delivering a powerful experience to make quick work of big jobs.
  • 18 volts: This strong model can take on everyday housework like a champ with its 18-volt system. The higher voltage in the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill, however, doesn’t accompany a rise in price or weight. While the 18-volt system may lead to some limitations for the intense do-it-yourself worker or a professional in construction, it’s more than enough power for regular home improvement projects.
  • Up to 2700 impacts per minute: Impact cordless drills deliver a sort of hammer and anvil function for quick bursts of increased torque, which is measured in the impacts per minute. This feature helps the product take on heavier screw driving projects. The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill delivers up to 45 impacts per second, giving it the extra power it needs to handle some of the tougher projects.
  • ¼” hex drive: A ¼” hex drive is a relatively standard size, meaning that it’s easy to find an affordable driver for easy removal and replacement of the drill bits. The drive helps secure pieces onto the model for strong performance.
  • All metal transmission and magnesium gear case: The magnesium gear case and the metal transmission allows for extended durability. With extended durability, the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill can soar above some of its competitors to offer a durable, powerful, impressive performance from the start to the end of a project.

What Can the Dewalt DC825B Drill Be Used For?

The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill took on most of our projects like a champ. The variable speeds and power allowed us to remove and drive fasteners into concrete or metal and dive into wood or metal quickly. It can take on a wide array of home improvement projects, including changing door hinges, working under the sink, running deck screws, removing stubborn screws, garage construction, and mounting cabinets.

So, DEWALT DC825 any good?

The Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill is a great product for the around-the-house repairman. It’s a sturdy little workhorse that is compact and light enough for complex projects but can handle some tougher work. The 18-volt battery is sufficient to take on most the housework, but the professional who needs to use their model every day may find that it isn’t strong enough for them.

The hobbyist or the everyday home improvement junkie will find it plenty powerful. Between the 18 volts, the 1330 inch-pounds of torque, and the 2700 impacts per minute, the Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill delivers a powerful performance in a compact package.



Dewalt DC825B Impact Cordless Drill Review