DeWalt DCD771c2 Review: Powerful Compact Drill Driver


Whether you’re a weekend DIY warrior, a hobby cabinet maker or a professional tradesman, sometimes a full-size drill/driver combo is not ideal. There are plenty of situations where space to maneuver is limited. Or maybe you need to work overhead where the weight will go against you. This is an area where many people have been struggling to find a reliable and powerful tool. The DeWalt DCD771c2 fills this gap in the market perfectly with some pretty neat features, especially when you consider the reasonable price tag. It’s perfectly suitable as a specialty tool even on busy job sites.

And for some simple DIY jobs you won’t go far wrong with this device. DeWalt is known for exceptional quality and innovative specs. And to help you decide whether this is the product for your needs, we’ve put together this guide with details on all features.

There’s also a suitable uses section further down that will give you an idea of how this might come in handy for different jobs.

DeWalt DCD771c2 Overview

DCD771c2As already mentioned you sometimes can find yourself in situations where space is limited. Your regular full-size drill driver will simply not fit or leave you so restricted that you cannot move around enough.

A very short head design and at just 3.6 pounds in weight, you will be amazed at how you can fit into very tight spaces on all sorts of jobs.

And because those tight spaces are usually quite dark as well you’ll be delighted to know that you also get LED lights built in. If you’ve ever tried to drill with one hand and hold a torch in the other, then you know how helpful this can be.

The DeWalt DCD771c2 20v max cordless lithium-ion compact drill driver kit comes with a 1/2 inch chuck that is compatible with the most commonly used bits. Unless you mainly use specialty-size drills and bits, this means that most of your existing bits will perfectly fit.

What’s also great is that the 20V battery is interchangeable with a load of other DeWalt power tools. As a result you can save yourself some money by not having to invest in loads of different backup batteries.

What’s surprising at this price range is that the Dewalt dcd771 motor comes with a 2-speed gearbox. At low speed the trigger will speed up to 450 RPM which is great for precision and delicate work. In second gear you can fly through jobs at up to 1,500 RPM which is sufficient for most jobs.

You also get a very tough gear bag as part of this kit. It’s not a hard case, but for most people this will keep things tidy and safe.

There are two negatives that we do need to point out. First of all, despite this being a relatively small motor tool, the batteries don’t tend to last that long. So if you’re facing long hours of work, then you will need to invest in a few backups.

Also, at full RPM and intense usage the chuck can vibrate loose. Just something to keep an eye on as you do your work.DeWalt-20v



  • Very compact design for tight spaces
  • 2-speed gearbox for high-precision work
  • ​Weighs just 3.6 pounds for less arm strain
  • ​Highly compatible 20V battery pack included
  • Gear bag included for safe storage


  • Batteries are not the longest lasting
  • dcd771 chuck can loosen with heavy usage


Detailed Analysis

If you need some more specific info on DeWalt DCD771c2t, then this section will help you make a final decision. There are a couple of standout features that make this a great addition to your inventory.

Dewalt dcd771 Motor

The motor is powerful enough for tougher timber, stone and even metal projects. Spinning up to 1,500 RPM you’ll fly through most projects. This means you might want to invest in some pretty durable high-spec bits as well.

The torque is decent enough, but if you need a tool exclusively for driving then this may not be the best choice. For smaller jobs it is perfect though.

What really makes the motor shine though, is the fact that it has a two-speed gearbox attached to it. This allows you to very quickly switch between low speed (up to 450 RPM) for careful and precise jobs, and full 1,500 RPM speed when you just need to get through work fast.

Compact Design

The head design is what really stands out on this model. When you see some of the product images with a hand you get a real idea of how small it actually is. At just about 10 inches it will easily fit inside HVAC units or small cabinets without having to attach an angled adapter.

But that’s not the only time you need to resort to a small power tool. On many construction and DIY jobs you’ll end up having to do quite a bit of work overhead. If you have done this on a regular basis then you know how big a difference a few pounds of weight can make.

With just 3.6 pounds in total, you’ll get a lot more work done quicker, without all the strain.


The DeWalt DCD771c2 comes with two 20v max batteries with standard connectors. This means they are interconnectable with other DeWalt power tools using the same batteries. If this is your first DeWalt tool, then this won’t be a big deal.

But with multiple tools using the same battery you can save money on backup batteries. It’s also a lot easier to keep enough of the Dewalt dcd777 charging at the same time, even for bigger projects that you’re facing.

Main Benefits and Advantages


From our analysis and review of a few hundred customer comments, we have identified the main benefits this drill brings over many of its competitors.

Compact Size

Now, this isn’t the most powerful or durable tool you’ll have in your inventory. But that’s not why you would buy it in the first place.

With a size of 13.9 x 9.9 x 4.2 inches and weighing just 3.6 pounds it is by far the most powerful tool with such a compact design. The full length of the head is just under 10 inches, but you would need to add to that the length of the bit you attach.

However, compared to full-size drills that is very small. It will allow you to reach into tight spaces and maintain the right angle you need. This beats having to switch to an angled drill bit. While these do work quite well they simply won’t give you the best results.

Brushless Motor

First things first, brushless motors cost more, and you will find cheaper tools using a brushed motor. However, this can be a false economy for two distinct reasons.

First of all, brushless motors are up to 90% efficient, which means the majority of electricity is transformed into torque. Brushed motors on the other hand are only about 75% efficient. This means you end up charging batteries a lot more often.

More importantly though, a brushless motor produces a lot less friction, and as a result it will outlast a brushed motor by up to 30%. If you use your tools extensively, then this can be a huge saving on replacements over time.

LED Light

If you use power tools regularly and often find yourself in badly lit places, then you know how annoying this can be. You try to hold a torch in one hand while using the drill or driver in the other.

It’s never an ideal solution and can really be a problem when precision is called for.

The great thing with the majority of DeWalt products is that they come with some small LED bulbs built-in. As soon as you press down on the trigger, they will light up and shine directly forwards to where you’re working.

This makes working so much easier and safer. And once you’ve tried this for the first time, you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without it.

DeWalt DCD771c2 Suitable Uses

As with all power tools some are more suitable for certain professions and uses. Here we bring you some info on why you would consider the DeWalt DCD771c2 for your hobby and professional needs.


If you do carpentry or cabinet making as a hobby or a profession, then you’ll find this a very useful tool to have available. In many situations you’ll have to deal with tight spaces and you might spend hours on job sites doing overhead work.

Because of the lightweight you will be able to keep going a lot longer without feeling the dreaded burn and pain in your arms. However, you do need to consider that the batteries are not the longest lasting, so you might need a few of them to keep you going all day.


Electricians will be particularly interested in the fact that there is a 2-speed gearbox. As already mentioned above, in the slower gear you will get an RPM of 450 which is excellent when you have to be careful with smaller holes and screws.

The light weight also makes precision work a lot easier and you’ll have no problem fitting into tighter spaces. The slightly lower battery life is probably not going to be an issue for most electricians, as they would not use drills and drivers as much as carpenters would.


For most plumbing jobs you’ll often find yourself in confined spaces where you just want a tool that is as small as possible. However, you won’t want to sacrifice on power.

And power is something this handy drill driver has plenty of.

But, if you’re mainly working on industrial-type equipment, then the power of the driver will not be enough for heavy-duty work. Nevertheless, you won’t find that this tool will gather dust, as there are many situations where it will be your go-to drill/driver.


For the weekend warrior and DIY hero, you simply won’t find better value for money. Most of you will likely not even need more than one battery, but you get a backup one anyway. For fitting anything from decking to cabinets or just hanging up some pictures or shelving, this will be a go to tool.

The compact size is also helpful and with the included storage bag you’ll be able to keep tidy and safe while not in use. With this price tag you simply cannot make a mistake, especially considering that it’s one of the leading brands in the world.

Additional Info About DeWalt

The name DeWalt is pretty much synonymous with all types of tools and gear for the construction industry. And the quality of products is evident in both the high-end industrial equipment as well as the home DIY ones.

With tools available for manufacturing, construction and woodworking you are unlikely to not find what you’re looking for in their product range. The company literally covers hundreds of hand and power tools for all imaginable uses.

One of the great things about the company is that they are constantly bringing new and innovative features to the industry. And those features are then very quickly adapted to entry-level tools as well.

That means, as a DIY enthusiast you don’t have to spend a fortune for high-end tools, just to be able to make your jobs that little bit easier.

If this is going to be your first DeWalt product, then let this name and reputation be a deciding factor.

Is DeWalt DCD771C2 good?

The DeWalt DCD771c2 20v max lithium-ion compact drill/driver kit is by far the most powerful and versatile product of its size. We’ve reviewed dozens of these over the years and currently, there is no serious contender.

With a 2-speed gearbox and highly compatible batteries, you will take on even the tougher work on job sites without running into problems. With the small size and lightweight, this will quickly become your go-to drill for a lot of your projects.