Makita XWT08T Cordless Impact Wrench: Brushless Powerful Motor Ideal For Automotive Work

Your tools are an enormous asset that can make projects run smoothly or go unfinished. No matter whether you’re doing work around the house, or you have a profession in the trade, a reliable wrench is an essential part of your kit.

If you don’t have an effective one handy, it’s very likely many of your jobs wouldn’t be completed. But why go with a cordless one?

Well, they’re simply more convenient to use. You don’t have to worry about where you’re going to plug it in. Once it’s charged, it’s ready to go.

One of the major concerns that some of you may be having is power, or the lack of it. Cordless tools seem to have gained a bad name for being low in power. Well, with this Makita cordless impact wrench, this is far from the truth.

Its motor provides an incredible amount of power and torque which can help you complete all kinds of jobs.

In fact, if this is the first time you’re looking into cordless wrenches, you’ll be amazed by how much they have to offer, especially the Makita XWT08T model.

Quick Overview

One of the first things we noticed when looking into this item is that Makita is a company that has spent a lot of time and effort to construct a wrench that’s reliable for all your jobs. Every single one of the features has been carefully thought out to benefit you on both heavy-duty and smaller jobs.

The motor is brushless. This diminishes any carbon brushes and provides you with an incredibly efficient tool. You get a lot more battery life as the tool uses up less energy to perform at the highest levels.

So, you can save time and hassle on switching batteries, which is especially handy on larger jobs where time is of the essence.

Even though it’s battery operated, the Makita 18v impact wrench is super powerful. You get a surpassingly high RPM of 1,800! You’ll be whizzing around your job site or home completing work quicker than ever.

It also lets you use 740 lbs of torque which is more than enough to handle a range of small to large jobs. Furthermore, this level of torque is rarely seen when it comes to wrenches in the price range. All the signs point towards a good investment.

While there are some fantastic benefits that this tool has to offer, we have noticed it comes with a few minor flaws too.

Some users have found the part of the handle that contacts the battery is looser than they would prefer. In some situations, this causes them to use two hands to hold the drill in a stable position.

Due to how powerful the drill is, it is also a little on the heavy side for some. It’s constructed out of high-grade materials and powerful features which can end up making the drill not only heavy, but bulky to use too.


  • BL brushless motor for increased efficiency
  • Max RPM of 1,800 to get work done faster than ever
  • ​740 lbs of torque suitable for completing most jobs with less effort
  • Short head design to help get into smaller spaces


  • Handle may require two hands to use in certain situations
  • Larger and heavier than some would prefer

Detailed Specs

As you can see from our brief overview of Makita’s power tool, it has a wide range of excellent features on offer. All of which work together to help you get jobs done in a quicker and more efficient fashion.

If you’re interested about the benefits this drill has on offer, you’ll be even more interested to learn about more of the details that could make it a great addition to your tool box.


Makita has developed a drill that is powered by a very powerful BL brushless motor. This brushless impact wrench works effectively to reduce any carbon brushes. This mechanism makes the drill run more efficiently and a lot cooler.

The result is you can use it for longer and you can be assured that the motor will not overheat.

Clutch and Gears

Some of the fantastic control features that this model has to offer include the 3-speed power setting. It’s a simple switch that operates electronically and gives you the precision you need to have ultimate control over your drill.

As a result, it’s incredibly useful for a wide range of trades, such as mechanics, carpenters, steel workers, and the list goes on. Furthermore, this brushless motor can be controlled electronically which boosts the energy efficiency even more.

The motor is also very adaptive to the changes in RPM speed and torque power. So, you can easily switch to different jobs in quick succession and the drill will work with you to get done faster.

The 3-speed power settings can provide you with RPM’s of anywhere between 0 and 1800. These also work well when it comes to handling the 740 lbs of torque that the drill has on offer by giving you more control.


The fact that the motor is electronically monitored has a major impact on the battery life. It allows you to get approximately 50% more use out of each charge before the battery needs to be switched.

If you purchase this one in its kit form, you’ll receive a total of two batteries and a charger. The batteries are lithium-ion 5.0Ah, 18V LXT. The charger you get is DC18RC and it’s an 18V LXT Lithium-ion Rapid Optimum Charger.

Main Benefits and Advantages

Now that you know more about some of the specific features this Makita cordless tool has to offer, we want to take you through some of the main ways it can enhance your work.

Regardless of whether you work in the trade and are on large-scale job sites, or need a handy and reliable tool to help you around with odd jobs – the Makita XWT08T can benefit you greatly.

Let’s take a look exactly how below.

Battery Life

The lithium-iron batteries used in this power tool, combined with the BL brushless motor means they last a lot longer than you may be expecting. The Rapid Optimum charger that comes with the item also works to charge your batteries at a super-fast rate too.

In fact, it can charge batteries up to three times faster than other chargers in the market!

So, if you’re going to be out on a job site all day long, charging both batteries beforehand will ensure you can get the most out of each. When one runs out (which would take a lot of work) you can simply take it out and charge it. And then you just use the already fully-charged spare one in.

This can save a lot of time and help you finish work quicker.

Powerful Speeds

One of the most notable things about this tool is the incredibly high RPM speeds it can reach. As you now know, it can go up to an RPM of 1,800.

A lack of powerful speed is what makes people think twice about using battery powered tools. However, this not the case with Makita’s cordless tools.

What does the powerful RPM speed do?

It means your drill will be able to spin at an extremely quick rate. The result is that it can help you get through tough jobs faster even it an industrial or commercial construction scale.

People who have different big jobs scheduled would do well to have this powerful and convenient power tool on hand. The high RPM can really make the work fly by!

Powerful Torque

If you’re on the lookout for a tool that can help you drive bolts and screws into heavy-duty materials, you’ll love how well this wrench works. This Makita high torque impact wrench has 740 lbs of torque on offer, meaning you can fasten constructs down quicker and more effectively than ever.

The torque system works using twirling movements that are critical for driving into robust materials. However, the level of torque with this tool means you won’t have to reach for another item to manually finish the work.

This feature works so well that it can save you a significant amount of time and effort when dealing with large scale jobs.

Suitable Uses

Makita XWT08T

Due to the range of features this wrench has built in, we struggled trying to narrow down the kind of trade that it’s best for. Because, in reality, it can be used to improve how effectively and efficiently you complete jobs, regardless of whether they are DIY or professional.

Having said that, we’ve put together certain uses where the Makita XWT08T is really able to shine.


People who work in the plumbing profession will appreciate how the powerful torque with this drill can make their daily jobs go smoother. They are often working with heavier bolts and screws and a lot of time can be spent trying to figure out ways on successfully getting things done.

This Makita power tool can completely improve this process and help you become more productive in residential and commercial circumstances.


The 3-speed control settings with this power tool make it a perfect fit for electricians. This is because it provides them with as much accuracy while driving as possible. This is crucial for them as they tend to be working with small screws that you can quickly overtighten.

Therefore, they need the choice to pick different speed and power settings for the different jobs. A lower speed setting gives you the chance to use slower speeds for the more intricate screws. The faster setting gives them more speed for the larger screws for an efficiently completed job.


Now, you’re probably thinking this is nowhere near powerful enough for tightening wheel bolts, and you would be absolutely right. But when it comes to many other nuts, bolts and screws around a motor vehicle, there a few things you need.

First of al you need power, which you get with 740 lbs torque. Then you want it to be small enough to fit into those tight spaces. And finally, you don’t want to be battling with power cords. All of this is covered with the XWT08T kit.

HVAC Maintenance

HCAV maintenance work is comprised mostly of more heavy-duty or rusted bolts. Removing these old or heavy bolts can prove troublesome and you can easily end up causing damage to the structure. And worse, having to resort to manual power.

The 740 lbs of torque power with the XWT08T model means taking out problematic bolts safely can be done hassle-free. The high-speed RPM and powerful torque mean that HVAC repairs can be done at a significantly faster rate.

Further Useful Info

There are a couple different purchase options when looking into using this power tool. One of the them is the bare tool and the other is the full tool kit. So, it’s a good idea to really think about how you’re going to be using this wrench.

The bare tool option comes with just the wrench on its own. We could see this being a better choice for those of you who already have Lithium-ion 5.0Ah batteries, as well as the appropriate charger to charge them.

But if you don’t have any batteries ready to use, the tool kit set would be the much better option. You get two batteries and a rapid charging kit.

Those of you who are going to be out on job sites and working for long hours would benefit the most from the tool kit set. It lets you charge a battery while you work so that when the one in use runs out, you can grab one that’s fully charged.

Without the battery and charger set, you will still be able to get a fair amount of use with this tool. It will be considerably less compared to if you could charge it, but it may be a more suitable and affordable option for people doing DIY.


If you were on the fence about this power tool, hopefully, we’ve given you all the information you need to determine if it’s the right fit for your jobs.

After extensively reviewing the XWT08T, we are amazed by how functional it is for a huge range of jobs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re simply doing some small DIY jobs, or ones on large jobsites. This tool is reliable and will ensure you can get the work done faster and to a higher standard. Just use the price check buttons above to find the latest deals.