Porter Cable Brushless Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit: Exceptional Value For DIY And Commercial Use

Many home DIY fixers will often try to combine drill and driver into one device. When you only use it very occasionally then that will work perfectly fine. But for regular use you will quickly find that these types of tools don’t do either job really well.

To solve that problem your only option is to get a set of power tools with each dedicated to a specific usage. That way you will make your life so much easier and always get the results you want.

Now, you might think that buying to tool will end up costing a fortune. And if you go for high-end commercial products then that would indeed be the case. But with this Porter Cable combo kit you will be amazed at how affordable it actually is.

You get a powerful impact driver and separate hammer drill. Both of them are cordless and powered with a lithium ion battery. It will work perfectly fine as a backup set on a jobsite. And for home DIY and cabinet making it will be a perfect addition to your work tools.

To help you understand what you will actually be getting we have done all the work to bring you this Porter Cable combo kit review. In just a few minutes you’ll understand how great this is and whether it will actually be suitable for your needs.

Quick Overview

This Porter Cable tool set will make a huge difference to home DIY users. But it’s also a very suitable option as a backup set for commercial uses. It will certainly stand up to some tough jobs. But you might find that by using it for many hours a day that the motor will wear out.

This is not to say that the motor is bad quality. But it is not designed to be used for very long periods of time every single day. There are plenty of more professional grade options available on this site that you could check out.

The good thing is that for home years it will probably last many years. The brushless motor does mean it’s not the cheapest. But as a result, it will last so much longer due to less internal friction.

The drill tool will work with all your existing bits, so need to worry about adapters. There are two speed settings which is a little bit limited. But for the majority of jobs the 360 UWO power will be more than enough.

The impact driver is probably the better of the two. It can run at up to 3100 RPM. This creates up to 1400 in/lbs torque which is quite substantial. You’ll probably find it difficult to encounter a situation that requires more.

The handle is exceptionally comfortable. It’s obvious that a lot of thought has gone into designing it. Even for large hands it is very easy to grip and hold onto for long a long time.

The charger is conveniently small. But it does mean that charging times are not the fastest. Another reason why regular commercial use would not make this an ideal solution.

The only real downsides are that there is no case included, which would have been nice. And the built-in light shines up from the handle. Most people prefer the LEDs to be in the head.


  • Brushless motor means you’ll get far longer working time
  • Drill driver has two speed setting giving 360 UWO for power and flexibility
  • ​Impact driver provides up to 3100 RPM and 1400 in/lbs torque
  • ​Impact driver provides up to 3100 RPM and 1400 in/lbs torque
  • ​Lithium batteries and chargers included
  • Ergonomically designed handle even for larger hands
  • Charger is small and compact so won’t take up much space


  • No case included
  • Built-in light is not on the head

Product Specifications

The Porter Cable combo kit comes with some technical specifications that are actually quite impressive. For a set of tools at this price you get quite a lot of power and in this section, we’ll focus on some of those specs.

Both machines require 20 Volt input. This important to keep in mind if you’re looking to get some backup batteries. Or maybe you have some and want to check if they will work. This is also plenty of power and for many years now has become the standard voltage.

The PCC608 drill driver has a two-speed gear box running from 0-400 RPM and 0-1700 RPM. This gives you great flexibility and at the lower range you’ll have more precision. Having that much more control over the speed is especially helpful for cabinet making.

The drill is also very easy to handle as it only weighs 3.2 lbs. For the power, you get that is quite impressive. And when you have to work in tight or awkward spaces then you will likely be thankful of a light device.

The specs on the PCC647 impact driver are very impressive given the cheap price. It also has two gears, one running from 0-2700 RPM and the other from 0-3100 RPM. Again, this gives you more control when you’re working. With 1400 in/lbs of torque you will be able to work on pretty much the toughest common jobs.

Even rusted screws and bolts will be easy to deal with. If anything, you will need to be careful not to break them in the process.

At the base of the tool you will find the battery gauge. This is a bit unusual and means you cannot quickly check the charge status of a spare battery. You’d have to connect it first to find that out.

You also have a bright LED light on the base. This shines up towards the tool head and can cause some annoying shadows. It’s still handy feature, but if you’re used to head mounted LEDs then it could take some getting used to.

Main Benefits And Advantages

There are several benefits of the Porter Cable 20v drill and impact combo that have already been mentioned. It really is a great tool for home and light commercial use. And we’d like to take a closer look at two features that we think are particularly good. Yes, the power of these devices is great, but there is plenty of info on that above. So, let’s take a closer look.

Ergonomic Design

First of all, you always want to be sure that a tool will fit in our hand comfortably. That means that the handle should not just be a straight cylinder. Instead it should be molded in a way that resembles the shape of your hand. You would think this is obvious, but on many devices, this is one areas that is lacking.

Not so on these Porter Cable options. Even if you have big hands you will be able to hold on comfortably.

The next important factor is the balance. When you hold a tool out in front of you it should not pull forward or backward. Even a small amount off balance and it will cause strain on your hand and wrist. When you use a tool for a long time then this can become painful.

Brushless Motor

For the price, you are paying you really get a nice motor. Most other products in this price range would feature a brushed motor. The advantage is that brushless ones are a lot more efficient and wear a lot slower. That means you get more use out of each battery. And you won’t be replacing the tool as often due to the added internal friction.

Suitable Uses

Porter Cable power tools are very popular choices for home and DIY. They are also powerful enough for commercial use. But these models will not last long enough to be viable for constant use. But, you’ll still be able to use them for all the below types of jobs.


If you’re doing some repairs to bathrooms or you’re even doing a full new set up, then you will want the impact driver at hand all the time. This is the case for removing screws and bolts that could be in place for decades. They may be partially rusted, and you don’t want to rely on your own physical strength.

The same is the case for making sure that new fitting are secured properly. This requires powerful torque which you have plenty of with the impact driver. And because you could be facing lots of screws, you’ll want speed to get through the job faster.


When it comes to electrical fittings you’ll probably use a drill quite regularly. But for electrical type of stuff you need to make some very precise holes. That means not constantly running at full speed, but rather slow and gradual.

The included drill gives you exactly that. With two selectable gears, you can work at low speeds for much more control over what you’re doing.


This is where it really shines. Especially when it comes to things like precision drilling or laying out and fixing large decking areas.

When you have dozens or hundreds of screws to drive then you want to be able to get through the job fast and effectively. You don’t want to be constantly checking of the screw is properly in. And you don’t want to be counting the seconds on each one. Because you get fast speeds and constant power you will fly through even larger home improvement jobs.

Cabinet Making

This drill and impact combo will work wonders for hobby furniture makers. Precision is the name of the game. And because of selectable slow and fast gears you will have lots of control over what you’re doing. Any mistakes are likely to be in wrong measuring rather than tool performance.

The trigger for the motor speed is also very smooth. That means you can slowly get to an ideal speed and then keep it there for as long as needed.

Some Handy Accessories

This particular Porter Cable tool set doesn’t come with much in the accessory area. You get a battery for each device and a small charger as well. But that’s basically it. When you’re placing your order it’s best to add a few things that come in handy.

First of all, you’ want somewhere safe to keep them. You can get very reasonably priced cases that have a hard shell. This protect the tools in transport. It also just makes it easier to move around and store away tidy.

Some people might think that not getting at least a few drill bits and screw heads is strange. But to be honest, most times such things are included they are not that great.

You’re much better of investing a small set of very high grade bits. When you get top quality metals you’ll also invest in something that gives much more precision and lasts longer. It might be tempting to go for that set of 400 nits for $25, but you’ll quickly find that they break a lot easier.

If you’re going to be using the tools for longer periods then you’ll also be better off with at least one backup battery. That way you can always have another battery charging. Nothing is more annoying than running out of power just before you finish a job.


Of all the product reviews on this site, these Porter Cable power tools are probably the best value for money for home users. You get high quality and powerful motors that are good enough for commercial use. The light weight and ergonomic design means that your hands and arms won’t get tired too quickly. This does happen if you’re not constantly using one.

At this price level, it really is difficult to say that there is anything at all wrong with it. The minor issues that we found are really just inconveniences. Just looking at performance and suitability for the job, you won’t regret buying this set.